Saturday, August 3, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

love you now always forever 
i could stare into your blue eyes forever
startling beautiful oceans rolling over
me compassion and kindness that's never
tasted sweeter than the sweetest cherry
dancing it's promenade over my tongue 
i could stare into your smile forever it 
was reassuring enough to tell me nothing
could go wrong, but i shouldn't have believed
it because soon everything i loved about our
romance lay shattered in the sands there was
nothing left and no apology could assuage
the gaping hole left in my pretty red heart —
i love you and i hope one day you can love me
back as deeply because even you admitted
you don't know what the future held for us, oh,
take the key and unlock me i could tell you all the
secrets of forever; our love could crest every shore
of night's sky, shine bright as heaven's gates
lull the gulls out of their sluggish flight to stare into
the sun of our december hotter than the flames of any
summer that ever kissed the dew; i miss your voice,
your hands laced with mine, your kiss, your laughter,
but most of all i miss your heart loving mine.

burn me open
i want to burn my heart open wide
maybe the ash of your words
wouldn't wound me then;
i'd just drift away
kiss the stars of oblivion —
every trip we didn't make, all the things
we should have done all haunt me with
their mantra and every time
i see you without me it makes me cry
because i still love you with all
of me, did you ever love me?
you said that you did,
but sometimes i don't believe
for if you did you would have never looked
her way and thought of anything more than
friendship yet i still want you and love 
you more than anything, does that make me weak?
i wish i knew the answers, i wish i had a candle
that could burn away all our memories;
but i can't, and i won't let go
until the end of the universe crashes into my bones
makes me choke on the entropy, and i'll
happily burn if i can never again
know the kiss of your romance.

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