Saturday, August 10, 2013

Denny E. Marshall- Three Poems

Par Done

Bee four
I met you
On the golf coarse

I was a loan
I drank tee
Out on the green

The bunkers seemed
Like a honeycomb maze
Like double eagles
You guided me out

I was lost in the rough
With your club rescued
I drank sweet nectar

It took two
Both of us swinging
To make a whole
In one

Hearts are under
In this case
Positive round


If at a circus
Remember not to stand close
To sword shallower

The Three Bares

I bought the book "Songwriter’s Market"
And never had a song accepted
I purchased the book "Artist’s Market"
The artwork was all rejected
I bought the book "Poet’s Market"
And had poetry published
Plus art and yes
Even lyrics too
Editors have been kind
Poetry is a friend
Porridge in my bowl

Denny E. Marshall has updated his bio, can you tell the difference.


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