Saturday, August 17, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

be brave, fearless 
Youth is wasted on the young. All these doubts, insecurities, and fears that we allow to hold ourselves back is ridiculous. Why is it when no one teaches you when you're to be brave, to be fearless? We all die, but we're not delicate flowers. We're stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Stop cradling us with your concerns, let us stretch our wings and fly into the sun. Let us blaze with the fire of stars. Let's stop wasting our youth, let's scorch all the bitter wings off of yesterday. Make the horizon dotted with clouds better than those we were always forced to swallow. Let us make the world recognize that failure is better than never trying, breathing isn't always shallow, and  just accepting someone the way they are is better than being accepted for what we are not. 

please let me love you 
i'm not who i was, i used
to be mad at you; a little
hurt at you, somehow
i've forgiven you —
wondering if you'll ever love
me again,
blamed you for everything you've
done i can't blame you if 
you'll never forgive me —
i write about your love so much
because i want you back,
and your name is etched on my heart
seeing all the photographs of us
makes me wish you'd change your mind
should i just let you go? wish i could
there's a connection deep between us that
i just can't sever; 
hurts to think of you happy without me,
but maybe you're happier now than i could ever
make you —
i should just stay away
not complicate things, shouldn't i?
if home is where the heart is then my heart is with you
and maybe i should stay away, but you're the only
song i could ever remember the words to
the only one that convinced me
i wasn't crazy,
so please take me with you on every adventure 
you take in this insane world;
take my hand, kiss my lips, touch my heart with
flowers of romance once more —
just let go of your pride,
admit you could've been wrong;
for once i 
could have gotten it right
because i'm dying without you here.

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