Saturday, August 10, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

i am a raven 

there's a light in me
blazing to be free
of all those limitations
i've swallowed all my life
like i'm not pretty,
smart, unique enough
to be anybody
even the smallest person
can change the world if they
only believe; so i'm freeing my fears
from their cage so i can fly
with all others
brave enough to smash through
castles of doubt
to screech against the harpy cry of
apathy and indifference in the world
i will give more than i'm given back if given
the chance —
won't let my insecurities
hold me in this shy little shell of butterfly wings
i am the raven 
with talons of rage
and a heart of gold my white feathers
will scatter the darkness of the world to the
furthest realm;
i won't succumb to this child i've always been
hiding in the shadows,
afraid of correction
crying at the raised voices in her direction;
no, i will scream back
against all the injustices in the world
i will be heard —
when people remember me they won't simply think of a gaunt
footstep, they'll see a paintbrush of hues singing
their vibrancy in the sky.

break me into you 

i want to be broken into your brokenness
fit into the jigsaw puzzle of you,
because flawed as you are
to me you're perfection
etched into the back of every heavenly
white star dancing it's light
through my window;
i want to spend every moment
knowing that we belong to one another
in the surreptitious gaze
of stars and moons, sun and clouds
for the sky to laugh soliloquies
of joy over us as she once did 
maybe i'm too much of a dreamer maybe
that's why you left me here alone —
we've known each other three short years
yet it feels as if you've always belonged 
here in my loving heart,
as if you've always held my hand and laughed
with me; now that you're gone it's hard
for me to function, and i have emotional outbursts
of tears and anger both at work, sometimes,
customers ask me if i'm okay but they don't care
as you don't seem to realize that i need
you and love you, but not like a friend does —
it would be awesome if you wanted me back, too,
but i don't know if you do
the distance you're constructing is ten stories high;
i'd break every one down if it meant hearing
you say you loved me
because your romance is the only place that's ever
felt like home
when i close my eyes you're all i see
seas of blue melancholy polished with golden chords
dancing their light into my heart.


your startling
blue eyes
could house me a 
thousand years
with their intrigue
you're the phantom haunting
my dreams with his
love, when i draw close
you pull away
lead me into some secret
but when i open the door
there's only air
carpets of oblivion kiss me with
a breath of warmth
i once knew as the osculation of your
lips against mine;
i don't know why but God gave me this
little bleeding heart to dedicate
to you —
flawed as you are,
the pieces of my brokenness fit yours
we're a jigsaw puzzle
tear me out of the equation you'll never be the same
neither will i;
we grew and experienced so much,
i can't understand why you didn't think this would hurt —
leave me here in a winter's snow storm
forget the frost you hung on my heart
as a child of summer i felt like burning you on the
tongue of my wrath, but supernatural temperance cut
off the sword of my fury spoke to me instead
forgiveness and so i will forgive you
even if you left me here
betrayed and alone.

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