Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tim Laffey- Two Poems

What We’d Do Again
when we lived in dark jungles
when we huddled in cities
when we ambushed from bushes
when we built our first factories
when we defined some as owners
when we got riches past reason
when we corrupted our stories
when we blamed it on others
when we sullied our sisters
when we cheated our brothers
we’d steal identities
we’d drug restless children
we’d poison their porridge
we’d make workers poorer
we’d hold their heads under
we’d deny what we’re doing
we’d deride what was worthy
we’d ride roughly on horses
we’d stack skulls as warnings
we’d plow down our forests
we’d drain off some species
we’d catapult corpses
we’d starve the walled castles
we’d assault lonely women
we’d blog of our hates
we’d post naked pictures
we’d soak them in smallpox
we’d wrapped them in blankets
we’d house them in boxes
we’d heat them on street grates
we’d hound them through alleys
we’d dump shit in our oceans
we’d drive by guns howling
we’d hypertext nightmares
we’d deny obligations
we’d mass market symptoms
we’d leave them all empty
we’d say god said do it leave
nothing worth stealing we’d
twitter words bitter
twitter words boldly
we’d counteract kindness and seal our fates
we’d repeat our worst histories
as war again war again war again
Beautiful Girl
We need to seed the fertile soil,
      there is anything to say
or do, and in it
find a commitment
to animal modesty that speaks
      clearly and easily
           as one would walk
and naturally whistle
     on a fine day
          with smells of
bright flowers
dancing through air.
-all this is alive and we
are in it
      also alive-
And it would have me speak to you
of the way it works
and why
so that you
beautiful girl might shoot
     your sidelong glance at me
and pierce my heart.

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