Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

won't go down 
you send my rage flying 
higher than eagles
soaring above the clouds to
avoid the storm,
the decibel of your voice
sends my ears into 
a state of
and causes me to sway on the
side of annoyance
because everything must be done
for you and you alone
you do not care
of whom you crush on your path to
you treat us all like puppets
pulling our strings taut,
so i've cut the strings because i am no
one's marionette;
it's clear you don't like me but i 
assure you the feeling's mutual—
you are a wicked witch,
and i wish that i could pull your broom
from beneath you and shove it up
your bum
for you a crueler than a winter's wind
more harsh than flying icicles 
caught in his breath;
so suffer us not your presence
if you must be miserable
then drag only yourself down we will not
go down with your ship.

greedy harpy 
i won't let your unkindness
change me into exactly
the person i don't want to be
won't fly off the handle
with rage like you over insipid things,
and screech insults at people
in a harpy's voice;
there is no desire in me to be
heartless and selfish
as you are—
i will swallow all the rage you make
me feel and channel it into
something positive
for the world already has enough
violence and indifference,
and i don't want to be another darkness
in it when i was meant to be a light
to burn through the void and
shadows of life;
i will always be me but i never will
be you because i am good at being me
and i would regret ever treating any
the same as you treat me—
once i felt bad for you and your situations,
but now i feel like it'd be a blessing
if you took yourself on your
too greedy and overreaching. 

a vital lesson 
glowing with rage
i don't doubt sometimes you
would make a good evil
and would even give maleficent a
run for her magic;
but you don't impress me much with your
vile tactics and cruel words
i've known another just like you
and he found just how
defiant i can be—
i will dig my heels in and do what i know
must be done, 
and i try too hard to be shrieked at
over asinine things and to
be treated like 
a piece of shrapnel pressed far into the
so please feel free to stop throwing
all your pins and needles at 
i do my best and try to be kind and do the
right thing even in this harsh
because i know i would never forgive
myself if i were anything like you,
and i happen to know
right from wrong
a vital lesson you seemed to have skipped all
those years ago.

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