Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- A Poem

The Titanic Heroes
Heroes are not made at all
rather they are born
to glorify their heroism with flying colors
for blooming a sweet smile at least
on the lips- abandoned and neglected,
yet, some heroes are born
on the unlucky thirteenth of a month
and compelled to be a titanic
in their every voyage for searching
of one more gold for adding to humanity.
Maybe, they run towards the luminous sun
to inflame their torches of victory
but a black cloud chases them
on the hint of a mysterious villain
to pour water on their flame of victory.
Indeed, they long for climbing the tree-top
to entertain the leaves and flowers
but they are obstructed always
by the pecking crows and the shrewd monkeys
with their harsh crowing and chirping,
‘’Let us be entertained first.’’
Thus, pearls are cast to crows,
monkeys are garlanded under compulsion
and the sun sets in the rainy evening
before the poor heroes can climb up
to the stage of the waiting leaves and flowers.

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