Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Katherine Wilson- A Poem


 Love is like a penitentiary

Prison walls to hold hostage

While the feast is scarce

It is the spice of life

The flavor is delicate and sweet

Yet the bitter blindfolded surrender may be ripped upon release

Love holds you steady but shifted, calm yet breaking

Keeps the body and mind in check and the heart in stitches

Contradictory messages to the head from the hands undeclared

While writing countless letters to the one who has denied it all

The unreturned calls

The pilling pen marks on my hands

Ink wasted

While in prison you only get one way out

Maybe that is how love should be

If you were not on the other end of the line I would not call

Let me out let me out

Trapped and confined I drown in love

I am here to stay

You are the convict making my own cell

Why am I trapped yet you are free

Love becomes the shackles on your legs yet light like air

You are the flame of the furnace in the hearth

Yet the wildfire wiping out the town

Engulfing entire escapades

Drowning decades of decisions

Capturing convicts

I am your convict trapped in a flame of leftover love

My prison is the scrap pile yet the pedestal is reserved for one.

Bio: Younger writer from North Carolina, her love of poetry from a young age has prompted her to write poetry in her free time hoping others would find the same kind of joy that she does.

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