Saturday, December 20, 2014

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

Killer Craving
itchy veins
underneath scab laden skin
wanting out
for the hunt
down to the alley
where the rats dwell
looking fat and juicy
smelling of piss and vinegar
with a jugular
ripe for the picking
sink teeth right in
lean back
and let the flood
wash over
in cool waves
of melted fire butter
a softness
to cleanse the hunger
a victim
to kill the craving
a nice spot
against the brick wall
to lean against
with a view
of the slivered moon
sliced perfectly
in thin, translucent air
gravity apparent
but still a sense
of floating
of emerging
of being birthed
for a moment
at peace
until the veins
begin to twitch
for the next

Musical Chairs
Salty animal flesh
from the belly of a swine
with brown sugar
cooked on top
and various wines to sip –
a feast fit for a King
or a beggar,
a god or a captive,
a warrior or a coward,
a big dog or a slave.
It’s all the same
while they’re spinning
around the sun
in karmic circles
and waiting in turn
for the next revolution.

Scott Thomas Outlar lives simply, spending his time eating, sleeping, reading, researching, taking meditative walks, gazing at stars, contemplating existential quandaries, listening to music, drinking wine, and writing prose-fusion poetry dedicated to the Phoenix Generation.  He can be reached at

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