Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Scott Thomas Outlar- Two Poems

A River Between Us
Bleed into me
Bleed upon me
Bleed for me
Bleed with me
Bleed heaven down to earth
Bleed fire up from hell
Bleed the sorrow out
Bleed the heart dry
Bleed this love to death
Bleed this vein wide open
Bleed your lies
Bleed your fake smile
Bleed that serpent’s fangs
Bleed this wine
Bleed the glass
Bleed the bottle
Bleed our kiss
Bleed this bite
Bleed your lips
Bleed our sex
Bleed your rag
Bleed your anger
Bleed your frustration
Bleed my ears
Bleed my soul
Bleed my entrapment
Bleed my slavery
Bleed my grave
Bleed my tears
Bleed your apple
Bleed your temptation
Bleed your sin
Bleed it all again

Garden Games 

to the edge
and then cracking
in the high
of the venom
at the gates
near to heaven
all over

than has
been given
that is fair
within reach
all alone
for a moment
to laugh
at the fall

Scott Thomas Outlar dwells in spaces of simplicity, spending the hours sleeping, eating, reading, researching, walking, listening to music, thinking about various things, trying to figure it all out, realizing there are no answers, continuing anyways to ask more questions, listening to music, gazing at stars, drinking cheap wine, and writing prose-fusion poetry, essays and fiction dedicated to the Phoenix Generation.  Scott can be reached at

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