Monday, December 8, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems

Dream Where the Wind Brought Her Back to Me

it blew all day
a  mighty wind
a strange kind of wind
I watched pieces of trash
tumbling past the window
I saw someone’s garbage can
bouncing across the fields and
last night
when I went to bed
I listened to the sound of it
until I, finally, fell asleep
I dreamed the wind
brought her back to me
I was walking in the dark and
I found her in my back yard
clinging to a tree
her long hair whipping
all around her face and
she wasn’t wearing any clothes
it didn’t seem unusual to me
I reached out and touched her
and her skin felt hot
I asked her
what she was doing
and she said oh
not much
just trying to hang on
and I wanted to kiss her
it had been so long
I asked her
if she missed me
but never got an answer
when I woke up it was raining and
the radio was playing a Beatles’ song

When You Get Lonely

what do you do
when you get lonely
do you think about me
do you get drunk
and laugh about it
when the night collapses
do you try to find
something to help you breathe
and what do you do
when no one’s around
and there’s nothing good on TV
do you try going to bed early
do you have trouble falling asleep
when the bed doesn’t feel right
and all the pillows are stones
do you dream about me
and sometimes
when you’re out on the street
walking around alone
what do you do
when you see somebody
who reminds you of me
do you get this feeling
in the pit of your stomach
do you think about what happened
and keep asking yourself why

Nothing Better

it’s after dark and
I watch lightning bugs
flashing all around me
in the cool night air
I’m sitting outside
drinking some beers
on the wooden bench my father made
listening to cars driving past
I’m looking up and
gazing at the stars
and when I need to take a piss
I walk over to the evergreens
and just let it go
there’s nothing better than
pissing in your own yard
surrounded by the darkness
the wind blowing in your face
I think every man
should have the pleasure
at least one time before he dies

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