Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kelley Jean White- Two Poems

Jumping to

You got to give it to Arthur:
he’s spry.
and he’s dancing.
And he’s got
an old wife. Well of course
he does.
Didn’t mean anything
by it.
Not that you’re old
or anything.
Arthur, he leaps out on the dance
floor and
maybe he
falls down
and maybe
he takes his wife’s arm and they both
fall down.
Men have
brittle bones too. Ever thought of
that? You’re the one
on his back
arms and legs jerking
in the air like a bug. Think you’re
funny. Circle forming
around us. Yeah.

I used to do the holidays
years and years
I made things
covered a huge
christmas tree
since childhood I saved all my money
made things for it
bought supplies and a few other things
made stockings for the children and their father
and for friends and neighbors and family
I made cookies
I baked and crocheted and made gifts
now the children don't even want
to decorate the tree
oh I've got to have one
they wouldn't like it at all if I didn't have a tree
their father has a huge tree
we might go out to the country to get one in New Hampshire
but grandfather's not there to chop it down
there will be an artificial tree at my mother's
I've spent a thousand dollars on nothing
nobody wants
and what's the use
why don't I just do got to sleep
why do I care
I used to live for it
I want it to go away
John is Santa because his birthday is December 24th
I know where he will end up on Christmas morning
and I hate it
I am sick and jenny is sick and john's sick
and I can't wait
send us home and for a week
what will I do but pick up after the kids
and feel bad and used and angry
and why and why
I think I'll go to the the supermarket and buy some lights for the porch

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