Saturday, December 27, 2014

D.N. Simmers- A Poem

            Drinking a Dangerous Body

            Out there. Nights.
            Evenings' skulls facing drunks.
            Skulking in pubs.
            A venue with slurring words and names.
            Puking places where a few toes
            dance and
            pool halls' smashes
            against a face of last calls.
            Peeling off costumes.
            Painted heads with faces falling.
            Picking up the calls 
            and hoots of shadows.
            Darkness pisses in alleys
            behind skin and hot breathing.
            Wanting and
            singing and going
            down rat tailed nights.
            Crashes. Bashes.
            Broken jaws and clashes. 
            Teeth with ambulance sirens' flashes.

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