Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Raymond Williams- A Poem

           Money Power Glory

I want money power and glory
Hear this

Soldiers. Celebrities. Criminals.
They get this

But what about the average individuals?
Do they get this?

The tax-payers, the Nine-Fiver’s. The working man.
Do they get this?

The single mothers, the homeless. The strugglers.
Do they get this?

The farmers and the jubilant telemarketers.
Do they get this?

I’ll tell you right now…
None of them get this…

They work hard for what they earn
And they won’t get a penny more.
Money, power and glory?
None of them get this…

I’ll be okay
I’ll stay out of the fray
I can make my own bliss,
I don’t need this…

Money, power and glory.
That’s for the soldiers
The celebrities
The criminals

I don’t wanna be the wannabees
I don’t need that and I don’t need this

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