Friday, December 12, 2014

Jonathan Beale- A Poem

A Little Night Music

The night music draws to the outer skin
An iconic tattoo
            Waking – the sullen heats lust
            Forcing sleep - forcing the want

Still heard the voice echoing from within 
Aping the false image
            Still awash from the night before
            Late afternoon. The moment teetering

A raucous chord smashing the night
Rasping riffs slip across and around
            Welcome to the life to come
            And again welcome, to it the one and only

A French guy smoking Gittanes
Slurping Pernod – too iconoclastic?
            The night’s dreamers and drifters
            All the same as skin and bone 

Leaving the night, before drawing dawn
Offers no reprieve just…
            One whole-lot-long for the next night
            That must come; to be fulfilled     

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