Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Arif Ahmad- A Poem

those mile long Chevrolets

The kid I was growing up loved watching the stars and this one in particular which stood out bright
Ah, those mile long Chevrolets, that postcard of New York city by night
This place they said where dreams come true
I would close my eyes, pretend and reach out to

Reach out I did call it home
The season was “country before self."
The year was “give it your all."
And now some fulfilled dreams later
I hesitate, I ponder

This then those these the times have changed
Now in the age of self-siege and standoff
Of partisan jousting and deadlock
Taking some serious heat, getting beat, my dreams, and my star
Pulverized into sand
I am frantically trying holding on to in my clenched hand


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