Sunday, December 28, 2014

B.Z. Niditch- A Poem


Flowers eaten by dust
sleep for another season
as the last petals on unsuspecting
wind, warmth,dark rain
disappear in groves and dunes
by the once greensward grass
our sandals barely get through
the wood animated pine combs,
yet we listen to shore voices
who linger at the ocean edge
among the last gulls 
my memory drifts by 
remnants of powdery flowers
detoured by a rock garden
as you tiptoe this new year
on what faces you
as another child of earth
steps and glows on leaves
red, yellow and orange
in the first sunlight
on echoes of morning
of a clear geography
between hedges of grackles
witnesses your presence
you are able to speak and draw
a line of the sandy beach
for your new canvas
being a part
and attached to nature
after a jog in miles of landscape
before the yellow jacket threshold
with sensitized words and colors
accessible to all
yet feel an artist's language
embracing a transformed season
into an infinite profile 
by a laughing river run 
as a few unscratched wild petals
still wave to us at the shore's edge.

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