Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pijush Kanti Deb- Three Poems

A Naked hand

A naked hand
needs an impenetrable amulet
made of rhino skin
and a goggles to cover up
its ocular confusions and hesitations-
the outcome of a dual
fought in its heart
between its limited ethics and unlimited wants,
to extend itself
near to a purse of someone else-
heavier than its own purse
either by uttering
the traditional hymns of begging
or by roaring
the thunderous dialogues of pillaging.

The Godless Good Men 

The remaining good men-
the godless innocuous,
suffocate in witnessing
the evolution of their paradise
in to a dark forest-
empowered by its wild pets,
tolerate their joint-whispering-
 ‘’Might is right’’ in their ears,
spend their luminous days
as the scaring nights-
making their goodness useless
in driving their godlessness out
and become stoic in nature
and an unanswerable question
to the philanthropists.

Two-Stroke Engine 

Whether a groaning is heard or not
but it floats truly out from
an ordinary two-stroke engine
that goes a long way
in keeping a life dynamic
from zero to infinite
extending and contracting
its two pistons together to give and take
the ever-wanted fuel of life
for driving it in top-gear
on a single lane of ever-increasing longings
taking and bearing
all the prevailing risks and uncertainties
to reach a destination or a drain.

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