Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Andrew Visser- Three Poems

Broken Doll

Your face
It’s chilling to the touch
With dark ice eyes
Staring me through

A shattered construct
Like broken china
Pale and splintered
Yet so angelic

My one true darling
I hold you close
Your heated smile
Neon colored voice

Taking my energy
As a succubus
Dragging me down
Having its way

My tears flood
As your blood spills
Kitchen knife reflecting
My empty face


Light refracts through my crystallized dress
With a white still blanket laying under my heels
My lonely world at peace as I stare out into the dark
Counting each breath to keep my balance
Light pink tiptoe holding me up right angled
Distilled silence keeping me in a trance
Maintaining my pose as a frozen flamingo

My confined world creaks and moans
Feeling my heart rate escalate
As my levels of contentedness rise like a storm
Seeing the faint shadow of the One readying himself
Embracing me in its palm
Shaking me as the blanket rises into flakes
Reflecting the glimmer of my smile

The One leaves me in a blurred chaos in disdain
Spinning and unrecognizable colors fill my vision
As my toe lifts from the now white storm leaving me afloat
My globe makes a shuddering slam as it follows through
The only world I know shatters around me
Piercing me as I fall
Down in my splintered dress
Refracting light for no one

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

My son and grandchild leave the distilled room as I say goodbye.
Silent tears fill their indigo eyes for they know that I’m going to a better place.
In their minds,
They know.

With each breath I feel my heart pumps become more distant as an echo;
Waiting for the flatline to soothe me and shut me down.
But I do not wait for the angels.
There is no golden gate.

I wait for the end of my final chapter with no sequel above the clouds.
Memories erase from my mind for I shall not remember my time on Earth.
I will remember;

Everything I've accomplished,
Good and bad,
For fear and love,
I did for myself and others in this life;
The only life.  

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