Friday, December 12, 2014

Melanie Browne- A Poem

(Why America Loves Butts- A Response to Pippa Middleton)

Pippa, sister
to Princess Kate,
you say America
has a butt obsession,
I have only been an
American since
the late sixties
Butt, er, but
It probably began
In the disco era
with those shiny
Gold pants
or much earlier
perhaps during the
Bootlegger reign
when the flappers
would shimmy
In their shiny
dresses but mostly
I blame the puritans
with all those
spankings and names
Like " Thou Shalt
not shimmy thy ass before
noon -Smith,"
It's the sins of
our forefathers Pippa
I blame it on them
and now we have
a shameful discography of
Songs with lyrics like
" I like big butts and
I can't deny" and we
are lost Pippa in a dark
World filled with
Kardashian moons,
It's the Apocalypse
Dear Pippa and
the gargoyles
are sitting
on our doorsteps

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