Saturday, July 13, 2013

Robert Ueda- A Poem


And waiting

Press play

After repeat

Tremors in the wavelength
Auras glisten and shine

There goes the time
Damn, there goes my mind

Six twenty three
Sun sets in suburbia

Mother Earth, what a radiant shade

My humble sinister streets
Breathing newfound life

I’ve been here a thousand times
Never have I seen this before

Walk with me Brother
Bring along your Lover
She’s no stranger to me

Strangers don’t exist
Psychedelic fantasy

Eyes shut to the physical
Eye opens at the pineal

Dance in the comfortable darkness
Sway to the new-age hippie acoustic

Two young tree nymphs
Bending and twisting
Loving and mixing

A soft-core porno
Close curtain
Open eyes

The stage but a well beaten trail
Fingers dancing in the dirt
Oh well
It’s getting around that time

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