Monday, July 29, 2013

Corey Wade- A Poem

The Sun of Heraclitus

I saw a young musician
playing on the train’s platform.
I was transported
sixteen years back
to Bloomington, Indiana,
where the long-haired mod son
of Nike France’s president
preached philosophy
and cooked Ramen noodles
under the breaking night.
We scrutinized the
What Is
of Parmenides
with stone-glazed eyes
high from the annals of philosophy.
We lifted the sun of Heraclitus
initiated Pythagorean rites
and left for the winding paths
of Zen Buddhism
nearly following a monk
whom the professors
could not understand.
Romain Tesler,
I saw you in Berkeley,
You look the same age,
You have the same dark hair
and light scruff
filling out your face.
Then I became a fool
asking the ageless musician,
Romain, Romain,
is that you?

Corey Wade studied under Neeli Cherkovski at the New College of California completing an MFA in Writing & Consciousness. His poetry has been published in Black Heart Magazine, Censored Poets, Queen Vic Knives and vox poetica. His prose-piece, “Memoirs of a White Arab-American,” a response to the aftermath of 9/11, was excerpted in The Berkeley Daily Planet and Peace News before being published in Mizna. Wade previously edited the multi-user blog Publicagent, UNITE! zines and griot newspaper. A Master of Science (CSUEB), he currently chairs the math department at the Independent Study Program of Berkeley Public Schools.

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