Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Clive Gresswell- Two Poems

Burying you

I buried you
to your neck
in my words
you begged for mercy
but I had none for you
I left you in the sand of stray
it was all I could do to go home
and write this poem


The all-electric sky hawks
eating clouds of acid rain
flashing acrid plumage
more innocent times
saw ranting children
banned from schools
wearing bandanas
cloaked in the bureaucracy
the illuminati hand raised
down rivers and across bridges
soaked in diamond playing cards
strange said Alice
a stage of suicide
torn from her eyes
in mock sorrow
forming  tears of incredulity
falling to the ground
a message from the governor
bow to his 1984 preposition
Prescribing Pepto-Bismol
for better times
bankers along conveyor belts
grab at 1960s daisies
growing out of garbage cans
in the strung-out polluted city.

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