Saturday, July 13, 2013

J.J. Campbell- A Poem

you were warned about places like these


you've learned
to fake it well
over the years

but you can tell
by the looks on
all the faces
around the bar

you may have
bitten off more
than you can
chew with this

these occasions 
call for the liquor
kept under lock
and key

the stuff that can
make you blind 
if you drink too

no one wants to
see an ass whipping
coming anyway
J.J. Campbell (1976 - ?) lives and writes on a farm in Brookville, Ohio. He's been widely published over the years, most recently in The Camel Saloon, ZYX, Boyslut, ART:Mag, and Zygote in My Coffee. His first full length collection of poems, Sofisticated White Trash, was recently published by Interior Noise Press. You can find J.J. most days on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights (

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