Saturday, July 13, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

you are a beached whale
the warmth has left your eyes
only coldness lingers in your
waters; you're frozen as an 
iceberg, an arctic winter you've
poured into the mouths of all 
you've touched as you lay dying
in sands that should bring comfort
and joy with sun star gold shining
banners of laughter you fall further
into despair, a premature death
you could have avoided if you'd simply
allow yourself to heal instead of 
plunging foolishly, head first into the maws
of hungry sharks looking for any reason
to use their fangs against you; as you lay there
frail and alone, i want to give you comfort
but it's too late for that for the light has
already left your eyes; your soul bound to
realms i have yet to see flees me and leaves only
the eroding ocean to keep me company in your wake.

the ocean's proposal 
you want to ride my wave?
then you better do more than surf,
i'm not interested in some short term
romance i want a love deeper
than my darkest depth; enchant me
with words that scream tapestries of stars
into being and sew their seams intricately into
my heart freeing long aged coral from their
stems, stir the fish of me into feeling
other hues than melancholy sunsets etched onto
the back of their tongues — grow me mountains 
of wildflowers i can't wilt into wings of entropy
make me an island whose rocks i can't
erode into oblivion; want to be the sand on my
beach? you've got to do more than lust me
and make me pine away like some lovesick siren;
crash into my vulnerability pluck the staccato notes
stuck in my veins and give them a reason to 
forget me as you place a song in me less melodramatic
a psalm bird-songs have always nested in your ears —
rip the fangs off of every great white raging 
in my fury, calm every agitated whale, dislodge dolphins
from the warpath and giant squid from attacking
whales; if you can do all this then all the summer sunshine
dancing in my sunlit pools can be yours because you'd
have brought me more joy than mercurial moans
of dying sailors whose ships rot in my bowels.

broken promises 
let these days
baked with saw dust and misery
scorch their own surrender
to the red hot sun
i have never ached this hard, this long
your love was the only wind chime
giving me the breath of wings
fleeting and beautiful
to dance beneath the clouds
skies azure as your eyes
bleeding me tales of sorrow and joy;
now you've stained me all shades
of silver swallowed by the moon
my broken heart can't
shatter anymore so she simply bleeds
incantations of romance
miming words
she doesn't mean to strangers
pretending to be you,
but i know i can only love one —
you are that one,
plucked from the void of oblivion you
made me forget my bitter cynicism
danced the desire to become
a better person
i just wanted you to be proud of me
to know you loved someone
with a great capacity to love and be loved
all those promises you made,
you broke them all;
betrayed me because your mother wanted to
shatter my dreams simply so she could
keep your love to herself —
the bitterness is starting to stain me again,
and i try to stave it off because i know
i have always loved you and always will but these
quills of misery are painting me so close to
black it's hard to resist letting my 
candle be snuffed out for eternity; you promised
to find me, so don't leave me here to 
crack under the strain of all 
this pressure.

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