Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eric Robert Nolan- Two Poems

Spring and Summer

Spring is
An exercise in boldness.
The first faint green
Leaves peek like tentative children
Along low and skeletal limbs.  Then –
They multiply and clutter up
The branches in bright verdant armies
Chasing away winter in favor
Of summer’s emerald empire.


Her stomach’s skin –
Smooth and flat and warm and even –
Is as a calm sea
And yet my own flesh
Surges into stormy oceans at its touch.


  1. Beautiful short poems. I appreciate poetry like this, the type that doesn't go over my head yet allows for the discovery of extra layers. Great job.


  2. Thanks as always, Jason! It is much appreciated. :-)

  3. Love the evocative imagery of these two poems. "Spring and Summer" makes me think of the rewards of acting boldly and the momentum that can occur. "Summer's Emerald Empire"--how lovely! :)