Saturday, July 27, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

a better future 
an angry wound
scorches me with misery
our flowers of romance
nothing but mere ash
but like a phoenix
we will rise again, burn those
memories with ones that
shine even brighter lights of heaven
than we ever remembered
dancing there before;
this sadness will not linger a forever
in me, but until you remember
the locks of autumn blazing in my hair
kissing away your doubt and
confusion a smile will
not remember me —
i can be happy without you, but with you
my joy was at its utmost perfection,
and so i cannot forget
this passion beating in my breast
my love for you is eternal
it is romance, spirited, emotional, physical —
you captivate and entice me,
sometimes the mystery and intrigue irritates
and annoys like the gnats
biting at my shoulders
you were the only one that's ever felt like home,
and the one i will entrust forever with my
heart chipped and broken as it is
i know you will not let it
shatter; i know there are better tomorrows than this
burning their face in the ashes of these words
false and insincere.

should you return
as you promised i know all
the gates of my rage
would be shattered into oblivion,
rust would erode my cynicism
into void;
the sun would shine topographies
of a smile across my face once more and
all these bitter sunsets would be
plunged into the pomegranates
of their clouds —
however, if you don't ever
come and i am left here forever i fear
the worse will come over me
i'll become a witch great and terrible
fearsome with her wrath
of a love lost
into some ocean i cannot discern;
everyone else has broken all their promises to me
why would you be any different?
i just thought you were someone worth suffering
for, but maybe in the end you're another
irritating gnat i need to smash into
the dust —
maybe, however, you're the light that remembers me my mantle
as a star blazing in the ancient clockwork of the sky.

love's embrace 
when i was younger i used to pluck shedding hairs
from my mane and kiss them bidding them adieu 
telling them to find my lover, the prince that'd rescue me
i wonder if they ever did find him
or if some eager bird snatched them for her nest;
maybe they caressed his flesh in a dream or they just blew into
the ocean to become the joke of fish and gulls —
skies strange and turbulent may contain them in another realm
where some alien remembers my name more loudly
than i can whisper all the equations of algebra,
but maybe rumors of truth danced into 
the air before the hairs died their deaths into the dust —
if they did find the one that was meant to slay all my dragons with
(and not for me) then i do wonder in what tempest was he
caught? maybe he's still making that journey,
and will find me when i step into some foreign place 
simply by chance;
or maybe they're still blowing in pursuit of finding him as i'm
plucking every face of daisies inquiring about a loving man
they tell me to ask the buttercups, but all they can tell me is of
yellow and every shade of happiness singing in the
tissue paper wings of butterflies —
i want to flit to the flower that holds the happiness of love in
his iridescent palm, swaying so softly his kiss feels
more like an embrace.

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