Tuesday, July 23, 2013

David S. Pointer- Three Poems

Tongue Skin Tones

When I was a kid in
the white project, black
project kids across town
sometimes asked me to
validate their versions of
events, opinions, testimony
with other white kids who
couldn’t seem to accept
what black youth reported
yet accepted my affirmations
as Genesis type scripture
unearthed as prophesy
rather than street jive

Narrowing Parameters

Flogged by silence about
all colors of the rainbow
racism, and social class
exclusion, two white
middle class ‘experts’
are misspeaking about
white privilege especially
towards the opposite
spectrum end known as
white housing project
privilege where residents
experience full range
poverty goods-n-bads
to include used power
chairs needing service
as the financial elite
laugh from behind
gated communities
controlling laser-guided
corporate love and false
consciousness discussion
parameters not ever
connecting money dots

From Poverty Silence to Pulp Tubes

No emergency data, DNA or financial
records released for life and death
injuries sustained from being run over
by an unjust economic system, so lets
just remote to diversionary entertainment
updates about the Boston Strangler or some
similar TV cop show or serial killer novel

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