Saturday, July 6, 2013

J.K. Durick- Two Poems

J. K. Durick is a writing teacher at the Community College of Vermont and an online writing tutor. His recent poems have appeared in Decades Review, Poetryrepairs, Third Wednesday, and Up the River.
A peril      awaits
measures and maneuvers
in place
snuggles and snickers
complicates things
still we step off the curb
into oncoming traffic
expecting nothing
light up too near the gas pump
inhale deeply
take the turn too fast
without signaling
take another dose
without reading the label
take another drink
then decide to drive home
peril awaits us     we know    
but go against the flow
against their wishes
their best advice
go along just to see
how it will all end
peril waits for us
dresses the part
knows us well     waits
the proverbial banana peel
is as real
like a downed power line
a rickety bridge
the deal too good to miss
the stranger calling us over
to his dark and sinister car.

          A Curious Case
That family disappeared
Ain’t it weird   ain’t it weird
They disappeared in their fairlane
Known as big blue
The father, the mother, and the other two
That perfectly perfect pair some say
Their children all dressed in their cliché
Of chocolate cones and wishing bones
And hearty moans for dad’s bad jokes
And for older folks
They never feared
Ain’t it weird   ain’t it weird
That family disappeared
Disappeared down the street
No great feat for them
Round the bend
To a just supposed end
We never can mend or revive ‘em
Save ‘em  or survive ‘em
They’ve become a point in time
A trick, a fix, a crime
Waving forever from the corner
Never a wake, never a mourner
Never those marks of consolation
For they never reached their destination
But remain somewhere unseen
Perhaps somewhere in between
For somewhere short of their mark
They were eaten by the dark
Ain’t it weird   ain’t it weird.

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