Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

wilted lily 
freckled with indecision
i wonder to write
or not?
will my love for you reverberate
through the pen strokes,
will the lines of the
paper caress your face until 
all your tears of mourning
have sank beneath
the sun?
all i know is i love you
i always have, always will
can we take time's
undo the day that makes me wake
each day with agony?
because i miss you and i need
you like the river needs the rain you told
me to shine, but you forgot that
you're the spark in me 
emitting the most light; you wilted
your lily just when
she thought she remembered
how to smile.

feigned joy
i hope
you always remember
autumn's kiss
the way you gave me
such passion
even autumn turned her leaves
away, our love and our
romance so great
that none
could hope to conquer it -
now it lays
broken as the twigs by 
the river bank
my heart
shattered into the cold fragments
of winter, and i wonder
if you can taste
them beneath your
wolf tongue,
if you feel pity or anger
remorse or
the desire to spill more of me until the
ground until nothing is left to drink
except the fragments of a
smile feigning 

moon dancer 
are an unanswered
question lingering
always in my
were we both parts
of the same star?
i say yes,
because there's a
that cannot be broken - 
a love deeper and further
reaching than all the
galaxies in every
you can't just throw us away
i won't let you,
my love and passion for
you is brighter than
the sun it will
burn the retinas of all that
stare like cyclops eyes -
you are scott
summers and i am
emma frost,
and i won't allow any jean
grey to come between
us or any stray
of you hurting me wound our
romance until she is
impaled like this 
there's no
getting rid of me: my
and my love and my lust are
written in the silver of
the moon dancing
in your hair.

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