Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Michael Cluff- A Poem

Norco poem #13

After fifteen years,
he still rants against the hills
and what they contain

It is the touchstone
of his daily
three piece suited existence,
the spice that makes
his "meatloaf on Monday
turtle soup on Tuesday
waffles on Wednesday etc."
unvaried diet

"It is a sigh of Salem
sent west
by the blasphemers
of the Bible
the traditions
of the great nation
we refuse to become
are further corroded
by  such Druidic beacons."

A son,
through all such
storms and tirades.

His daughter Blanche
feels the sermon
is silly
since a grin
on a pumpkin painting
emblazoned  on a rock
just above her house
can't be all that evil

but maybe the upcoming earth-split
some parishioners predict
will prove
one or the other

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