Saturday, July 20, 2013

David S. Pointer- Three Poems

Sweet Home Revisited

500 Chicago murders
in 2012, and I think
about the old African
migration out of the
South in search of the
Midwestern promised
land resonating atop
Robert Johnson’s
acoustic guitar strings
when there was hope
of inclusive social and
economic policies that
allowed a chattel slavery
past to overcome an
inadequate wage slavery
future filled with anything
but the absent pariah super
class greed orchestrating
increased undertaker and
power chair scenarios by
continuing to extract all
that was good from some
elevated underworld of
global finance and never
lay eyes on the death or
piece-of-the-pie desperation

Potential Unlimited Double Jeopardy
During the Sentencing Phase of a Trial

American death penalty law
is already applied unevenly
throughout the society as
Jodi Arias finds herself
convicted of murdering
Travis Alexander¾now at
sentencing phase the jury
has hung, so instead of
falling to the judge to
apply an appropriate
incarceration term the
courts start over for
another chance at post
conviction death blood,
and the law strikes me
as so archaic and unjust…
I almost expect to see Jodi
as media circus milady seated
next to Lizzie Borden both
holding Victorian era hand fans
cooling themselves waiting on
Christian-Legal compassion
that never seems to come

Activating Earthly Blessings

How to write about
Americas’ love-hate
relationship with
same-sex alter boy
brothel scandals
inside the church
leaking onto
higher ed ground
and everywhere
else as Jerry
Sandusky’s boy
asks to legally
change his name
as it seems blessed
are the religious,
spiritual and secular
who must find the
hidden divine light
inside the oncoming
daymares ahead

Bio: David S. Pointer has recent poetry included in The Southern Poetry Anthology Series for the states of Georgia and Tennessee. His most recent book is entitled “Oncoming Crime Facts.

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