Saturday, July 20, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

shadows creep in the night those whispers we don't
want to hear scream with the clanging of cymbals -
the sky is many varied shades of blue and purple and
black yet those hues cannot save you from the long
darkness clinging to your frame sinuously as if a lover; 
i wish i could shed my shadow and wear one
instead that was a light to shine so brightly upon
the universe so that i could be different than the 
rest in a way that could help others have hope and
not despair in their own private sector of hell yet i can
do nothing more than they and try to dismiss my shadow.

pale yesterdays
pale yesterdays hang their wings on the back of your 
mind as if trying to etch themselves permanently to the
back of your mind and unfortunately sometimes they do -
there are times where i wish i could clean out all 
those corridors of my mind that have given me pain,
and yet i realize if i did that i wouldn't be half
as strong as i am now; or maybe there'd be an identity
crisis because i'd no longer know who i was, the gaps
would be too wide to fathom their beginning or end -
yet if i'm honest i wouldn't change a thing
for i know not if i'd like the person looking back at 
me in the mirror if i were anybody else but me.

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