Saturday, July 6, 2013

J. Ryan Bermuda- Three Poems

Famous Poets

Chins MIA since the start of
heavy shelling nights
must rebuild landscapes after cataloguing
each foxhole,
           crater, limb
transition to civilian life is never easy

They rise and crack the dormant lid of days
to tend the pyres of frustrations
Plowing as much as tongue
will bare and
wipe acidic sweat away from two

Sugar farmers;
watering cans filled with
neutral grain spirits for some
storm runoff for the rest
miss most times and water
             their feet


Tracts like cable fray at ends
Dig deep into limbs like sapways
Carry our father’s revelation                
Reflex  from the scathing sparks of
rust against rust

Germ and curse-
Pocket square cuff-link
Inherit his boiling
Breath turns to steam against
chest and face

The fraternal split-lip
tongue rodents from its hole
collects the ore until
amber effigy
topples onto the orphanage

One of Five-Thousand

Manna falls from 
    low sky hands long-
toothed fathers ask
Who is this laborer
His face a dog asleep steady his
eyes like washed olives did not look but
   saw me as I
tossed away pebbles in
search of crumbs

With tongue I know
honey passes from
   finger-tips stuck like
melted gold

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