Monday, July 29, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

don't doubt the dreamer 
my temper is flaring
your station plays too much static
not enough music to sooth the
dragon buried in the flames
of my soul shining silver as the moon
you think you understand because you're
older, but you do not know the secret
strands of my truth buried in the
conch shells of the moon;
many moons have smiled at me prophecies
that your eyes could not see no matter
how widely they were open —
promise shines in my horizon where you see
nothing but ash and dust, you would
overlook me my happiness
simply to pursue me my destruction
unwittingly, of course, but still just as cruel
to suffer;
allow me to dream, to hope, to endure 
without criticism and judgment
cascading down all my mountains because you
may know, but you do not know me —
i am not the average star 
blazing in the galaxy,
my flame burns brighter than the sun and one day
the world will be ensconced in the light
of purity that will save them from their inequity
all because i dared to dream.

my sunshine 
dancing on your eyelashes
brings me closer to heaven
with a smile
lacking your presence
only drowns me in rain drops 
fluttering on eyelashes
of strangers
singing me into some cruel
despondency known
only in the weight of country roads
that force their loneliness down
my throat until i am stagnant with hatred
of this place,
and i wonder if you'll remember your
promise to retrieve me from
this land of ever winter
where ice dances
even in the dew of summer —
once i slew my own
gorgons, but i entrusted that task
to you along with my heart;
maybe i should take up the helm once more
slice through the throats of every dragon
burning their flames upon my skin
until happiness again
can find me in your 
loving arms.

You Will Feel My Anger In the Trees 
It's hard to be happy when you know the man you love betrayed you. Instead of falling on his knees before God and asking for his advice and forgiveness. You did what was convenient to you thinking only of yourself and her. You did not consider me. If you did, you would have never done this. And yet in knowing all this. I love you. Why? I wish I knew. All I know is, I wanted to knock all your teeth down your throat last night. Now I'm writing you love poems. I wish I understood my heart because my mind doesn't understand, at all. I wish you well. I wish her no unkindness. Know also I pray that one day you will come to your senses and realize I was right. One day I will love you again, but today is the day I burn fires of anger and wrath. Today the trees the sun halos will scream with my rage.

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  1. Your voice is distinct. The first poem Don't doubt the dreamer is a great title. the second poem is very powerful layer on layer lines like only drowns me in raindrops. The last poem is just as powerful seems like rejection runs rampant through your themes. Where else have you been published in?