Saturday, July 27, 2013

B.Z. Niditch- Three Poems


Wishing for July's silence
to soothe a crazy time
on bogs and hammock
enticed by collected winds
locating my recalled map
from my back pack
lost in a milkweed forest,
as a mourning dove dives
into blackened waters,
the river still eludes me
from its burly breezes
from last Friday's storm
shelling the home harbor
and points North,
the radio news
travels briskly
as local sailors vanish
like gulls abandoned
dragged away by the sky
as poisoned plants
tousle my trousers,
an oar floats at a distance
so many miles
on a remote bridge
needing a superhuman tongue
to search for unveiling voices,
for a river can be merciless
like dusk,rain,even the sun.


Unexpected haven
out to the sea
wishing to carve your initials
by the Apple Tree cafe
in this shade of dawn
along a childhood path
clearing wrinkled meadows
by July jackdaws and jays
where no spy or observer
would pick this jetty
by Land's End silence
among undiscovered rocks
at this coastal port,
soon embraced
on beds of sand shells
to expect a listening echo
in your hot glassy hands.


Start from a page
of what seems safe
to proceed with memory
at your own pace,
guide your lips
to press for the word
in a last bloody chance,
then unleash
a surprising adverb
intended to bury
any internal opposition
or the outward image,
be firm as the last line
in a biting poem.

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