Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ramona Thompson- A Poem

Ramona Thompson has been writing for more than 20 years. Her credits include How To Trick The Devil, Calvary Cross, Dead Snakes, Infernal Ink, Howl, Blood Moon Rising and many more.

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Snake Bite

Written for David Felton

I know, baby
This time
It's real
It's forever
You and me
Not like any of the rest
No venom
Do I need fear
You're no belly crawler
Your word and your love are true
Real to the extreme

This time around
I'm sure
More than ever before
In my arms
I hold no viper
Just a honest, caring man
The right one
Yeah, the only one for me
Always and forever

You've saved me
Not only from myself
But from the past snakes
I've been foolish enough
To think I cared for
You're reawakened
And given me back my life
For you
I cannot thank God enough

Finally after so long
I've come to my senses
Grasped the meaning of
A true and lasting love
Your love
My greatest gift
My yearning, burning flame
Pray never ever
Do you burn out

2015 Ramona Thompson

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