Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Taylor Uffens- Two Poems


Sometimes I dream about getting out of this dump
After endless days turn into weeks

Rain does not cleanse the world
It swirls the colors together
Until they fade to a dull, colorless grey
Like paint does

Our home is in shadows 
where sun never reaches
never dries and
is always somewhat damp

Even in summer 
Dirty bare feet get chills
From below the dark green grass
And moss tears through cracks in the sidewalk

Tracking dirt in the house
until mother yells at you 
She can't tell the difference 
between the backyard
And the wood panels of our kitchen floor

La Prima Neve

I woke up two minutes before my alarm
With dreams of the nutcracker
Etched into my mind

Out my window
With frost clinging to the edge
Snow rains down
I slip past doors
Hiding sleeping Siblings
Padded past the purring cat
Who opened her eyes a slit and glared
I whispered sorry
Skipped the last step
That always creaks
And opened the lock that felt like a chain linked fence
Trying not to let any heat out
Crunched into the fresh powder
With my bare feet 
And listened to the chaotic calmness of falling snow

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