Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hannah Groetsch- Three Poems

Winter Wonderland

Now that all the turkey is gone,
it's fine to sing a Christmas song
or decorate a frozen lawn.
December is finally here.

The snow swirls slowly in the air
tree branches are completely bare,
children on sleds are everywhere.
December is finally here.

Ornaments on a Christmas tree
menorah lit for all to see
family arrives, a swarm of bees.
December is finally here.

Gathering where the presents lie,
excitement builds to see inside
scissors to cut through the zip ties.
December is finally here.

The T.V. shows a bejeweled ball
everyone waits for it to fall,
the couples kiss at midnight's call.
At one time December was here.


The lights flicker
as rain pounds
And the house shudders
as wind howls
Thunder rumbles in sonic booms
and lightning illuminates the shadows of the room
The clouds are as black
as the soon to be night
Instead of whipped cream
perched on top of a pie
Rain races down the gutter
like a dog to a bone
The storm has arrived
and there’s a long time until the eye
So I sit down to wait
as the power flashes out

Teapot Parts

Part consignment shop, used car dealership,
and antique store.
A dark cavern containing everything from bolts
to a stamp collection
It's my grandfather's garage.

Screwdrivers line the walls
boxes barricade throughout the room
a half-installed sink sits next to
the dryer that no longer spins.
An island of misfit appliances.

A pair of speed skates from the 1950's
that still cut through the ice.
Floppy disks and broken chairs
a dog carrier with no dog
It's like Disneyland for dust bunnies.

My dad's 65 MG, lacking an engine and transmission
contains a small box in the trunk filled
with teapot handles and spouts,
because you can't just throw teapot parts out.
It's still better than the attic.


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