Monday, December 14, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

maybe you're my cure
maybe you're just my ailment
crawl into my veins
i want to taste your chaos
free me of the bondage of myself
let me unravel
hide my secrets in your bones
i don't know if i need you,
but i want you
let us kiss as the ocean kisses the shore;
we can be just as mercurial
for i am moody as the moon and maybe one 
day we'll decide to join as one
kiss beneath an audience of stars and sun
dance with the wolves and fly with
the birds. 

beautifully broken 
is my heart a consequence of
war or peace?
that i do not know,
but i feel the most at peace
when everyone around me is in 
it reminds me that i'm not the only
one that's broken
perhaps that's selfish—
i just can't help but be anyone but me
beautifully broken
heart bleeding and soul screaming
into being,
but you smiled at me;
could it be that you love me, too?
i hope so,
sometimes being alone is such a burden
then again
being around people can be too;
you look like you understand

maybe one day 
your bones may be heavy,
but i'd gladly carry
because everyone has secrets
no one ever listens
long enough to hear mine;
maybe you would
you don't seem the type that would
blow me off like the rest
of humanity has—
we're misfits you and i
beautifully broken and equally misunderstood
maybe we should speak but when i go
to speak to you i feel foolish
i curl all my waves and words inward
salt myself with desire and yearning
that i project upon you
i scold myself,
and you walk past me yet again;
maybe one day i'll get it

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  1. bondage is just wonderful. it speaks to us on several levels. of relationships, loneliness, love, bonding, even addiction to a degree. I enjoyed it thoroughly. thanks for contributing, brian baumgarn a 65 yr. old poet, LOL