Sunday, December 13, 2015

Matthew D. Laing- A Poem

Matthew D. Laing is fairly new to writing fiction and poetry for publication, but has been dabbling in the craft since his time at university. He has been published so far at Bewildering Stories, The Literary Yard, and Three Drops from a Cauldron (including one print volume). Matthew writes from Canada, the land of igloos and polar bears. 

Lost at Sea

We aimlessly drift
in the wide, never-ending sea;
into a vast nothingness
of sapphire and royal blue
of hesitant breezes
of salt water and salty air.

The wooden hull is decomposing,
decaying; almost malleable pieces
of timber and steel,
of rotted cloth and vermin
of empty stores.

We dream of the shoreline;
great trees and rich soil,
of a fresh start
of water free from poison
of lands barren and wild
of gold. 

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