Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ryan Hardgrove- Two Poems

On fire

Sometimes I feel
as if I have a better grasp
on the universe
than on myself
always looking out the window
for the next thing
to comprehend or disbelieve
always forgetting
to stoke my own fire

while the rest of the world

How fragile

A young woman
is talking very closely
with Pat the bum
Pat is out of bread
for a few more weeks
until he gets his check
I don’t know who or what
it’s from
but he gets 900 dollars
on the third Wednesday of every month

the young woman
seems to be crying
just the sight of ‘ol Pat
can sometimes pull a few tears
up from the deep
the fragility
of all these people
never ceases to amaze me
how easily
we can fall into the gutter
how easily
we can step over those who have fallen

later on
Pat’s new friend leaves him
after long drunken hugs
Pat squeezes tight
he may not be this close
to another human
until his next check
comes in

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