Saturday, December 26, 2015

DB Cox- A Poem

psychedelic redneck

aging without grace
wearing my hat
pulled low over one eye
splitting the world in half
maintaining my spot
on the statistical fringe
fiddle-fucking with the envelope
of the psychiatric bell curve
between these walls of sameness
a whiskey wilderness
inhabited by:


-blood-bank whores

-would-be motorcycle misfits

-lonely war veterans replaying
 tales of rockets red glare
 bombs bursting in air

-donald trump patriots
 trying to make a case
 for another mystic politician
 spouting meaningless metaphors--
 a wall of white noise
 to mask the defects
 & imperfections
 of one more march
 in the wrong direction
 down a dead-end street
 past the same old lies
 that somehow remain standing
 as shit falls all around
 another arrogant
 master plan
 to tame an insane world

one graying blues man
loiters in the shadows
reeling under the weight
of too much input
looking for the hush
at the center
of the honky tonk universe

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