Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chris Butler- Three Poems

Chris Butler is an anorexic starving artist. His latest book in his Poems of Pain Series, Bummer, was recently published by Scars Publications. He is also the co-editor of the literary journal The Beatnik Cowboy.


I’d rather die
and be admired
after my time
and die broke
like Van Gogh
in the gutter
of some city,
than die
in infamous

Dead Pen

When the poet’s
pen dries
then dies
into shadowed ghosts
of words,
then the writer
burns and cremates
with the lined
paper page
he once
spilled and smeared
his gray ashes

A Poem

A poem
won’t change the world.
A word
won’t make it all better.
A letter
won’t keep it constant.
A consonant
won’t plug my bowels.
A vowel
won’t heal these punctures.
A punctuation
will end my sentence. 

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