Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kiriti Sengupta- Three Poems

Experience Personified 

As I walk along an abandoned play ground
In the morning, I see new grasses bathed
In the dew of dawn
Putting off my shoes I stand bare footed
and I walk again

Tiny droplets envelop my feet
And permeate the skin of my toes

I don’t call it a feeling,
I would rather name it
My experience

(Un)Timely Grant 

The air smells heavy

Father calls up his son
He wants to offer him
The chair

Mom says, “It is too early for him,
Let my son keep afloat!”

Father is yet to inform family,
Boss has approved his prayer
And he is allowed to leave.

Gateway To God
Prayers carry lives within
They are expressions
Our desires take refuge in—

For all worldly pleasures and fulfillment
We remain scared, perhaps

Wishes are chanted with closed eyes
And we continue to live being frightened

Like an inevitable death
An enormous God steps in

Bio: Kiriti Sengupta is the author of the bestselling trilogy; My Glass of WineThe Reverse Tree and Healing Waters Floating Lamps. Sengupta is based at Calcutta, India.


  1. I like Experience Personified

  2. I like (un)timely grant

  3. This trio shows how skillfully Kiriti Sengupta describes truth in poems of varying layers.

    Experience Personified appealed to me immediately as a simple, direct description of a beautiful sensory experience.

    Gateway to God digs a bit deeper. And deeper, with each couplet.
    "Wishes are chanted with closed eyes
    And we continue to live being frightened"
    Yes! I want to quote this and tell my friends to pray with eyes wide open in fearless anticipation of both earthly and eternal blessings that are sure to come! (Perhaps not the fulfillment of our shallow wishes, but better ones, which our enormous God has the wisdom, power, and generous love to bestow on us.)

    I'm still delving into the layers of (Un)Timely Grant.
    Layer 1: What on earth is Kiriti talking about?
    Layer 2: Hmm... Perhaps his employer has accepted his resignation and his wife doesn't want him to wake up their sleeping son to tell him?
    Layer 3: I begin to picture God granting his prayer for death. (The atmosphere of heavy air evokes my mother's and mother-in-law's untimely deaths from lung obstruction.) Perhaps the chair is an important possession he wishes to bequeath to his son?
    Layer 4: The poem's title comes into sharper focus. The chair represents the father's position as head of family, which is about to be passed down to his son, ending the carefree existence in which the son has been "floating."
    Layer 5: I don't know yet; I'm still mulling this. :D
    My interpretations may be entirely different from Kiriti's intentions. But that's okay; they have meaning for me.

  4. 'Experience Personified' is a simple candid & pleasant piece of work like experiencing the unidentifiable joy of seeing a flower blossoming from a bud . Liked it . Somewhat unlikely of Kiriti who prefers to write very short and deep poems.....
    '(Un)Timely Grant' is a nice poem where The Big Boss has already granted a 'leave' to one who silently and casually wants his progeny to take over the charge .None perhaps presumes/smells the truth, nor the near ones even . I liked the way the author has presented the matter........ I still do not fathom if Kiriti exactly means the same .......
    Man can not avoid the 'inevitable' so why scare ! Yet we DO..... Prayer with closed eyes if surrendered to the LORD in right spirit or process , I believe , can render the miracle....... 'Gateway To God' is a thought-evoking and good poem written excellently by Kiriti .

  5. "Experience Personified" is my personal favorite! It is so vivid and immediate, I can feel my toes sinking into grass and droplets on my skin. Nice work!

  6. Gateway to God describes a universal experience of fear within Creation, that fear comes with the experience of God's greatness: of being under the shadow of God.