Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stefanie Bennett- Two Poems

Stefanie Bennett has published several books of poetry & has poems appearing in
The Fib Journal, Illya’s honey, Poetry Pacific, The Plum Tree Tavern, Ink, Sweat &
Tears & others. Of mixed ancestry [Irish/Italian/Paugussett-Shawnee] She was born
in Qld., Australia – & her latest poetry title “The Vanishing” [2015] was published by
Walleah Press – available from Walleah, Amazon & Fishpond Books, au.
... And I shall make it through comedy:
That’s where
My talents diversity...
When I am ‘done with’
The idiosyncrasy
Of sins.
The ballista called
The organ-grinder’s
The Arts for Art’s fake.
Being forewarned, I’ll stake
My bones. They’re free!
Ah. I’ve
Willed away
This anatomy:
Indeed, I shall make it
Through comedy.
... I have decorated
Reason. Three
Stars; four –.
If I had
A pupil
I could depend upon
I’d implore that
The banners
Not be
Quite so
A teacher needs laws
On which
To govern –.

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  1. Perhaps "Delphic Oracle" is a cry for the distinction between civil and natural rights. The oracle expects laws, objective standards by which he/she will act or behave justly and orderly. For justice to exist, there must be civic guarantees and a body of members who have agreed to protect those guarantees for all. The social contract.