Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tamara Turner- A Poem

A Chocolate Tale

In days of old
A princess fair
Could never get enough
T’was her greatest craving
Nothing would satisfy
Her chocolate desire
Demon of the woods
Helped her well
To create a spell  
For more more more 
First it was milk and peas
Then the dinner spoon
Roses in the courtyard
Family parrot next
Soon her chocolate touch
Nothing it wouldn’t effect
The more she touched
More she ate
No cure for chocolate lust
Agony was it to be without
To that demon she did shout
Unable to control
Chocolate magic
Demon laughed and watched
As she found herself
Yummy treat for a troll
Gnawing into her belly
Chocolate blood spewed
Running down his chin
As he bit again
Her chocolate guts were soft
Spilling and getting caught
Within black jagged teeth
He lapped it all up
Crunching her chocolate bones
And as he licked a chocolate tear
From her chocolate face
He took his last bite
Savoring her chocolatey taste

1 comment:

  1. Tamara, good to see you here and to know you share my chocolate addiction!