Thursday, December 24, 2015

Daniel Wilcox- Three Poems


bite my teeth on famous lines
a hole lot of fragmented shells;
hunger hollows within--
deepening abyss
of lost longing
lone-ranging, reigning the distance
of a round heartless night

of a round heart-last light
lane-ranging, raining the day-stance
of last longing
steepening a-bless
heaven hallows within--
a whole lot of fragranced shalls;
bide my heart on famous lines

The Road to Elsewhere

The highway to ‘hail,
Hail Afghans all here,’

(“Give me your ears…”)

Is paved with good intentions and ‘IUO’s.’
On that yellow ‘book’ road, tell tales-where-banned

Men of lairs acclaim executive offense…
Come out of your pious lores, you liars.
But we’re all so right, we over weird, of the west wind…

Our shocked awe amazes
(“You, too …’brutal’?”)

We’re not in Kansas
Anymore, nor never were. Was?

A last ‘stand’ stammering
In that season--the dogs of Mars and a sheep’s head,

She slumps to the bleeding ground.*
Shot for All...
Can't we get a heart?

*Another woman executed by the Taliban
First pub. in Fish Food Magazine, November 2014

So awe fulled the birthing
             of God's presence, new cauled
             in humble manger's destiny,

The base and apex of
             a starred cave's presents
             of all future festivals

Yet abandoned, forsaken to
             the crowned world's nails,
             every man's cursedness;

Farthest reach of faith
             this Apocalypso dancer
             crosses the Cosmos,

Morning us night-less;
             he compassions Earth
             ever peopling Heaven,

Emptying the pitiless bottom
             zeroing Apollyon 
             into ever's Now
Beloved one, Eashoa, Jesus
             child of the  masses
             point man for us all.

First pub. in The Greensilk Journal, Winter 2007

Brief Bio: Daniel's wandering lines have appeared in many magazines in the United States, Canada, and overseas including Contemporary American Voices, Write Room, Static Movement, Word Riot, Fish Food, Poetry Pacific, Counterexample Poetics, and Unlikely Stories IV.

Before that Daniel hiked through the University of Nebraska, Cal State University, Long Beach (Creative Writing), Montana, Pennsylvania, Europe, Arizona, and Palestine/Israel. He now lives on the central coast of California with his quilting wife.

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