Thursday, December 17, 2015

Brian Baumgarn- A Poem

 Interlude in Darkness

I dreamed you tonight.
Standing on the sheltered
deck where I live,
gazing at the moon and stars,
A delicate voice carried
on the warm summer air.
Whispers and soft laughter,
harkening my ear.
Jeweled eyes glisten and sparkle,
like night’s shimmering stars,
measuring me.
Soft breaths sweeping leaves
into motion,
wafting the air,
touching me.
Glowing ember memories in the  
silence and darkness.
Your hands. Elegant hands,
reaching, touching, reassuring.
Sun burnished skin.
Exquisite grace of curve, line, and
hollow. A lavish body.
I breathed your memory with each
infusion of fragrant night air.
I revel in each tempting
remembrance of you.


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