Saturday, December 12, 2015

Douglas Polk- A Poem


the nation befuddled,
great men seem no longer to exist,
instead the country turns to liars and bigots,
asking only for the craziness to end,
but whores and parasites are the only ones roaming the halls of government,
security not an issue,
only power and control,
too ignorant to know when they are being played,
invited in to be abused,
modern day planations,
established and promoted,
by the black elite,
no slaves in sight,
just poor people,
taught only the role of parasites,
suddenly demanding respect,
not understanding,
respect can not be demanded,
but must be earned,
the social elite blame the police,
a Chicago mayor,
hands still sticky with innocent blood,
cries crocodile tears,
the police manipulated,
only the tools of the social elite,
until the masses rise,
then scapegoats,
lambs to the slaughter,
law and order,
an outdated notion,
gun sales soar,
security now for the individual to enforce,
the police hands are tied,
and the liberal elitists,
already shitting their pants,
begging for all lives to matter,
ISIS is not the enemy,
it is the fucking rich,
kill them,
and spread the wealth,
then ISIS will go away,
wealth not religion,
their main concern,
the wealthy are the problem,
the cause of everything,
they are the ones who should burn,
the sixties revisited,
with riots and race,
integrity then still alive,
as was,
the search for grace,
the world dirty,
ideals dead,
the lessons never learned,
the nation again befuddled.

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